Create awesome book style preloader using css


In this blog, you will learn to create awesome book style preloader using CSS only. You can use this book-style preloader in any of your web development projects. By using this, your website will look very attractive and you will be able to impress your client too. Let’s get started and know how to make a Book Style Preloader with the help of HTML and CSS. First, we will create an HTML file ploadloader.html

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We have created an HTML file, now we will create a CSS file and see its code.

As you have seen, with the help of CSS, we have created awesome book style preloader. You can also create this page loader, just copy the Html and CSS file and you can do it in your new and exciting project.

View Demo

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Sushant 24th October 2019
nice page loader, we can use it for a library management system. it looks cool👌