Send Email with Gmail SMTP using PHP and AJAX


Hello everyone, Today in this blog we are going to learn how we can send email using PHP. Keep in mind when sending e-mails through PHP is a relatively simple task, but set all the configuration and authentication and to make sure you are sending correctly is where it becomes challenging.

To actually send emails (in a relatively easy manner), an important part of the code you might want to focus on is what SMTP server you are using, for a quick setup you could easily use gmails SMTP with your Gmail account credentials and utilize a mail library such as PHPMailer.

Let’s start with create a form page and when you submit your page then back end you have to write you code for send your email I demonstrate here some step, where the edit is required replace it with your own post input value.

Send mail using PHP is a very essential part of a web application for doing this in PHP we have to do something right three-step which I discuss here. For sending an email in PHP we use phpmailer library and SMTP server of Gmail believe me it very easy if you follow all these steps

  • download phpmailer library and install it
  • write code for send email
  • fix an error that occurs when we send an email

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First of all, we create an HTML file



The JavaScript

The PHP Script

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