Testimonials Design using HTML CSS and JavaScript

Testimonials Design

Today, In this blog you’ll learn how we can create a user testimonials for websites. This testimonials design can be used if you’re selling a product on your website, customer testimonials can be a key content element because they are unbiased comments that prompt visitors to buy. By using testimonials in text formats on your site, you introduce content that will promote your product in convincing fashion.

Where Should You Put Customer Testimonials on a Website?

Many businesses include them on their homepages. Since lots of people find businesses through Google search and land on homepages, this strategy can work well.
Other excellent places to include customer testimonials include the following:
Landing pages
Sales pages
Exit-intent popups
Contact pages
Underneath blog posts
In the sidebar
However, you won’t know what area is most effective until you collect data.

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First of all, we create an HTML file



The JavaScript

View Demo

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