Minimum Requirements for Adsense Account Approval

Hello Everyone Today in this blog we are going to know about the minimum requirements for Adsense Account Approval. So, first of all, we know about what Google AdSense is all about. AdSense is a free, simple way to make money online by placing ads on your website, blogs as well as in your YouTube videos. Whenever someone sees your ads or clicks your ads, Adsense records this data and pays website owners for marketing other’s brand, based on multiple parameters, like CPC, Impressions etc. AdSense is the highest paying advertising network.

Minimum requirements for Adsense account approval are following:

    • High label domain like .com, .net, .org.
    • Less page Loading time.
    • You need more than 8+ page on your blog or Website.
    • Need a domain which is already registered with your real name.
    • Perfect design of your website, and it must be simple and responsive.
    • Need more than 400 visitors per day. If your visitors are coming from a search engine then 100 visitors are enough.
    • Use image and video attributes like alt, title tag for image or video.
    • Need contact, privacy policy, about all these things on your blog or Website.
    • Before submitting your site or blog for Adsense remove all previous ads if any ads on your site or blog. But this is not most important.
    • Give Proper Space on Website or Blog for Google Adsense Ads.
    • Submit your Website or blog on the search engine.
    • Add your site or Blog to Google Analytic.

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Avoid below things because Adsense has very strict policies.

    • Adult content
    • Violent Content
    • Gambling content
    • Never use copyright images or Content, Search engine spiders easily identify copy and paste content.
    • Drug, alcohol and tobacco-related content
    • Other illegal content
    • Never write on a website or blog, this website is under construction or maintenance. Because sites never complete it’s need time to time update.

Earning of AdSense depend on various factors which are given below.

    • Use a high paying keyword, like financial related (car loan, home loan) keywords are high pay.
    • Use multiple ad units.
    • Avoid borders on the ads.
    • Use links ads (horizontal link units).
    • Place ads on top of the page.
    • Always prefer large ads size, Advertiser pays more for large banner or ads.
    • Publish only fresh content.
    • Try to increase traffic on your website from the USA or Canada.

Thank you for reading this blog, share this blog as much as possible and also show it to your friends. If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

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